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Pilot hydrogen train

The hydrogen train pilot is a new step in making public transport smarter and greener. In this way it can be investigated whether hydrogen trains can be a suitable solution for making train transport in Groningen more sustainable.

The performance was tested of Alstom’s hydrogen train “Coradia iLint” on the track between Groningen and Leeuwarden. The refuelling of hydrogen was also tested within a train timetable. How does this work and how does this affect the times of the current timetable? Finally, it was investigated what is required to obtain permission to run a hydrogen train on the railway in the Northern Netherlands in the regular timetable.

This pilot was tested without passengers. After the pilot, it will be decided whether test drives with passengers will also be made.

Cooperating partners

The province of Groningen, Arriva, ProRail, Alstom and Engie conducted a trial in March 2020 with a hydrogen train. The hydrogen train tests were conducted at night on the track between Groningen and Leeuwarden. The five organizations involved want to gain more practical experience with this pilot. When the pilot is a success, the province of Groningen has the ambition to let new trains run on hydrogen from 2023 on.

Photo made by Stefan Verkerk – ProRail